The Mad

Occasionally during our month-long zombie movie marathon we’re completely unprepared for a film. For example, we expected The Mad to be a scary horror movie; the description even refers to it as a “chiller-thriller.” But it’s more of a silly comedy… which actually turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

Most of the tongue-in-cheek humor comes across via Billy Zane’s performance as a single father trying to protect his teenage daughter from the undead. Their attempt to bond during a family vacation goes awry when tainted meat begins turning locals into flesh eating monsters.

While most of the performances are enjoyable, occasionally the film veers off into slapstick territory. At times, The Mad goes so over the top that it becomes cartoonishly silly. So there are a few things that didn’t really work, even for a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously. But for the most part it’s pretty fun, and i had a good time while watching it.

Best Scene: The survivors take a moment to discuss zombies, the nature of zombies, and whether the monsters attacking them technically even qualify as zombies. It was a clever bit of dialogue, and a pretty funny moment… especially when Billy Zane sums it up by saying “I think you’re all misusing the term zombie. I think they’re just like, mad cow people.”

Worst Scene: Billy Zane attempts to make his way to an escape vehicle by offering the zombies free gifts from the diner’s souvenir shop. Apparently, as a bit of social commentary, the director intended for the infected to become crazed consumers or something. But the intention was unclear and didn’t work in the context of the film.

Today’s Special: After watching a couple different “infect meat” zombie movies, i’m beginning to think they’re all getting cow footage from the same place. It must be on sale or something.

The Mad (Unrated)
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