Dead Meat

I suppose a low-budget film always has a number of obstacles to overcome, but sometimes the difficulties can simply overwhelm a smaller production. Dead Meat manages to balance a decent story with a few decent performances, but stumbles more than once when it comes to the execution.

With a mutated strain of mad cow disease infecting the Irish countryside, a young woman must make her way to safety after her boyfriend is attacked by zombies. She quickly teams up with a local gravedigger to escape the village.

However at that point, i think the film turns into a travelogue or something since we’re treated to about half an hour of them exploring their scenic surroundings. There must be a serious amount of dilapidated homes and old, abandoned castles in Ireland because our survivors come across at least three of ’em during their escape.

Anyway, after hooking up with an obnoxious old couple in a minivan, the entire crew makes their final stand at… another old, abandoned castle. At least, i assumed that’s what happened; the cinematographer decided to film the entire nighttime scene by torchlight.

Best Scene: I’ve never seen someone use a vacuum cleaner to suck the eyeball right out of a zombie’s head, but it turned out to be a pretty effective method.

Worst Scene: Cow attack!

Rosetta Stone: I seriously searched around for subtitles on my remote once the old couple showed up. Supposedly they were speaking English, but i couldn’t understand a single word.

Dead Meat
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