Zombie Prom: The Movie

Just when you thought you’d seen it all comes Zombie Prom: The Movie! This award-winning short film is based on the popular Off-Broadway musical that premiered nearly twenty years ago. Although, i assume the movie is immensely inferior to the original production because there’s simply nothing special about this mess.

Obviously the main appeal of any musical is the music, right? But this condensed version of the stage play barely allows a single song to develop or play out in its entirety. It’s almost like an extended trailer rather than an actual film.

Stripped of all its bells and whistles, the movie instead focuses on the story… which is unfortunate because it’s about as generic as you could get; with the stereotypical plot of a rebellious bad-boy who falls in love with the high school prom queen. I suppose turning the boyfriend into a zombie, and presenting the whole thing in the style of a 1950s musical counts for something. But i just don’t see the point.

While the original musical may have been a fun take on the genre, the movie simply didn’t take the time to do the production any justice.

Best Scene: Seeing Jonny blast his way back to life, straight out of a locker on the back of a motorcycle was pretty fun. But it may have just reminded me of Meatloaf’s classic scene from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Worst Scene: Did i mention that Ru Paul was in this? He played Miss Strict, the high school’s female principle.

Limited Release: This short film is unavailable on video or DVD, but you may be able to find it on YouTube. We’ve included a link to the 1997 Original Cast Recording for those of you who are interested… Anyone?

Zombie Prom (1997 Original Off-Broadway Cast)
Available at Amazon.com

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