Dead Men Walking

I could probably sum up this entire film in a single word: Meh. It’s not that Dead Men Walking was necessarily bad or anything, it’s just entirely forgettable. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a zombie movie set in a prison… nothing more, nothing less.

When an infected prisoner is brought to a maximum security facility, it doesn’t take long for all hell to break loose. He infects a doctor, the doctor infects the guards, the guards infect the prisoners, and the prisoners infect each other. Boom; full scale zombie apocalypse!

There are a few survivors including a cute, young agent from the Center For Disease Control… because apparently the CDC has field officers? I don’t know. She was there investigating the virus or something. Anyway, FEMA wants to quarantine the prison while those inside obviously want to escape.

And there ya’ go… the entire plot of Dead Men Walking. One big empty calorie.

Best Scene: Patient zero is locked in solitary, and undergoes one of the most disgusting transformations into a zombie that i’ve ever seen. There’s so much puking and bodily fluids that it kinda’ made me sick!

Worst Scene: The editor tried getting fancy and, in the middle of an unrelated conversation, created a weird flashback using a bunch of quick jump cuts and footage that we had already seen.

Stab Master Arson: I kinda’ laughed to myself when i saw that one scene was filmed in Cell Block 4. Although, i’m not really sure that was intentional.

Dead Men Walking
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