King Of The Zombies

I never would have thought that i’d enjoy the heck out of some old black and white voodoo picture from the forties. But it’s a rare thing to sit through an entire movie with a smile on your face. So here we are… halfway into our month-long zombie movie marathon, and a cheezy B-movie like King Of The Zombies has easily become one of our favorites so far!

Set sometime before America’s entry into World War II; our dashing hero, a disposable pilot and their comedic sidekick crash land on a mysterious island. They quickly take refuge in the mansion of a devious doctor who just happens to dabble in voodoo! However, they may get more than they bargain for as they begin to explore the secrets of the island.

With a running time of barely an hour, the movie manages to entertain viewers with a streamlined tale of ancient voodoo, political intrigue and slapstick comedy. In fact, it’s comedian Mantan Moreland who really shines throughout the entire film. If only Béla Lugosi or Peter Lorre had been available for the role of the evil doctor as originally planned, this film may well have been remembered as a classic!

Best Scene: The final scene of the voodoo ritual was pretty great. Featuring rhythmic drums, scary masks and hypnotized victims… it’s about as climatic as you could ask for in an old horror comedy from the forties.

Worst Scene: I kinda’ feel like we’re missing out on an entire lost zombie mythos due to George Romero’s vision of a modern zombie. Because in this film, apparently you have to feed voodoo zombies… at a dinner table… on a regular basis… with food that doesn’t contain salt. It’s like they’re Gremlins or something.

Sweater Girls: Actresses from this period just had that look, ya’ know. Horror, comedy, noir; the genre didn’t matter. It was just, well… je ne sais quoi.

King Of The Zombies
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  1. I’ve seen this movie…well, at least parts of it. I own it.

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