The Dead And The Damned

Directors that use those cheezy old Wild West towns have to know that they always look cheap and silly, right? They’re like random blinking lights in science fiction movies; just because everyone seems to use them doesn’t mean it’s okay. But i assume a low-budget filmmaker doesn’t really have much of a choice.

That seems to be the problem with The Dead and the Damned, though. All the little problems that plague every low-budget film just keep adding up. And eventually, in order to enjoy the movie you’re forced to make a conscious decision to ignore them. Of course once you do, everything will be fine because it’s actually a pretty decent little western/zombie mash-up.

This time a meteor brings the zombie plague to the Wild West, which disrupts the activities of a young bounty-hunter with a heart of gold. As he tracks down a savage Indian for one last job, the local miners begin turning into flesh hungry zombies, and the two must eventually join forces to survive.

Best Scene: The guys accidentally lock some poor girl in a house with a deformed, blind zombie. Watching it grasp around blindly and hunt by sound was really creepy, and made for a great scene.

Worst Scene: I had to watch a zombie motorboat a shirtless Apache guy, which kinda’ sucked. Okay, technically he was trying to eat the heart out of his chest… but still.

Jordy Verrill: Why does everyone seem to think it’s a great idea to crack open glowing green meteors from outer space?

The Dead and the Damned
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One Response to The Dead And The Damned

  1. I had to watch a zombie motorboat a shirtless Apache guy…LMAO now thats funny

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