Exit Humanity

Exit Humanity is another highly anticipated film that managed to live up to expectations. Set sometime during the Civil War, it mixes a number of narrative devices including a voice-over narration, live action and animation. And while the production elements work well together, it’s really the acting that takes center stage.

Starring Brian Cox, Dee Wallace and Bill Moseley; the film follows the story of a young soldier played by Mark Gibson. We listen to his journals and watch as he looses everything in the zombie apocalypse. After wandering the wasteland alone for days, he eventually comes across another young man who asks for help in rescuing his sister from a deranged Confederate general.

Unlike many zombie movies, the film sets a deliberately slow pace that allows it to focus on character development. The gore is minimal and even the zombies themselves eventually fade into the background, which helps set Exit Humanity apart from the bulk of otherwise generic zombie movies. And while it’s certainly not a perfect film, it’s definitely a welcome addition to the genre.

Best Scene: After returning to find his friends kidnapped and murdered, the main character dons war paint made from the ashes of his home before heading out into the night to recruit an army of the undead.

Worst Scene: I couldn’t help but think i was watching The Road Warrior every time Edward wore his all-leather getup and bandolier. Even if it was accurate for the period, i still think it looked pretty ridiculous.

What Is It Good For?: For a film set during the Civil War, there was surprisingly little mention of the fact. Seems like a missed opportunity.

Exit Humanity
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2 Responses to Exit Humanity

  1. Zombease says:

    I’ve actually got this in my Zombie movie lineup for this week!

    • rudeonline says:

      It’s certainly one of the better films that we’ve seen so far this month. Hope you enjoy it.

      Also, we love that you have a “Zombie movie lineup” for this week. Awesome!

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