Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies

Ah, The Asylum… legendary American film studio and fine purveyors of entertaining crap! We’ve been waiting to watch and review Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies since it was first announced. In fact, i think that more people were looking forward to this “mockbuster” than it’s legitimate counterpart.

And with expectations understandably low, the film delivers exactly what you’d expect… with one pleasant surprise; Bill Oberst Jr. actually turns in an excellent performance as President Lincoln! Whether laboring over the Gettysburg Address or beheading zombies with his scythe, he was an unexpected pleasure. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the rest of the cast.

Regardless, the movie looked great and was very entertaining… if a little uneven. For example, as Lincoln gathers his Secret Service detail for a secret mission to eradicate the living dead, we’re treated to quite a few implausible historical cameos; from Stonewall Jackson and Pat Garrett to a young Teddy Roosevelt.

Time might have been better spent ironing out some of the awkward dialogue rather than shoehorning in such random and unnecessary appearances. But then again, it wouldn’t really be The Asylum that we all know and love!

Best Scene: I seriously laughed out loud every single time President Lincoln decapitated a zombie with his scythe. But watching him escape the fires of an exploding military fort via zip-line was hugely entertaining!

Worst Scene: I’m not sure why the zombies fell asleep standing up. But the last thing you want to do is sneak through a pen full of roosters at daybreak.

Rough Rider: Teddy Roosevelt would have only been about five years old during this time, so it’s odd that they wrote him into the story at all. Are they already thinking of a sequel featuring yet another zombie-slaying President?

Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies [Blu-ray]
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2 Responses to Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies

  1. I hope they are not thinking about a sequel, I love all things zombie but this movie I was excited to see but when I started it was very bummed out. The CGI when they slashed a zombie and the dot, dot, dot spatter they put on the screen I found to be annoying. I understand your watching a zombie movie with Abe, but feel they could have exploited the concept better to give a cool vibe to it. Also in a few scenes I noticed his blade open……they would pan away with him talking and pan the camera back, and it would be closed….He would give that jerk motin to sling it open to set the mood with the “shing” sound…lol

    • rudeonline says:

      I thought they managed to create a pretty decent vibe. Although, i tend to give films from The Asylum a bit of a pass. Of course, now i’m incredibly interested in seeing the big-budget version of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter… and i bet they’ve got just as much annoying CGI blood splattering across their screen!

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