The Dead Undead

While our last film borrowed a little something from every genre and somehow made it work, The Dead Undead wasn’t quite as successful. In fact, this film is such a hodgepodge… let me jump right in and see if you can follow along.

It begins with a group of teenagers on a summer getaway. They eventually arrive at an abandoned hotel and help themselves to a couple of rooms without much hesitation. Of course it doesn’t take long before they discover a monster under the bed. Seems like a pretty generic horror movie so far, right?

But once the sun goes down a militia suddenly appears out of nowhere, and we’re treated to an endless firefight featuring an impressive array of weapons. So now we’re apparently watching an action film. Well, at least until one of the characters dies. Then it turns into… a viking epic?

From that point on you’ve got a Viet Nam flashback, a tale from the Wild West and a weird bit of vampire lore. Oh yeah… i forgot to mention that the militia are actually vampires, the monsters are actually zombie vampires and the movie itself is actually more of a prologue than a complete film. Unfortunately, what could have been a pretty decent film suffered from a total lack of focus.

Best Scene: It was fun to see vampire bad-asses cower from sunlight just minutes after fighting off hordes of the dead undead.

Worst Scene: I’m almost positive that the militia “actors” were given their roles as a favor for providing the production team with their personal gun collections.

Zombie Mad Libs: Please tell me that someone out there noticed that we watched a film called The Dead, then a film called Undead… and now a film called The Dead Undead!

The Dead Undead
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2 Responses to The Dead Undead

  1. codyford87 says:

    I definitely have to agree with your review on this movie. It seemed that the writers/producers tried to fit way to much of a story into the film and didn’t have a big enough budget to make it work. I have seen worse but it definitely wasn’t one I would add to my collection.

  2. Looks funny I will check it out….

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