Operation: Nazi Zombies

Our Nazi zombie theme continues with Operation: Nazi Zombies; a horrible little movie that literally gave me a headache. Apparently filmed on VHS at night through a dark pair of sunglasses, this movie was a murky mess. And the plot itself was just as dull and drab as the cinematography.

An elite Army Special Forces team is sent on a secret mission to wipe out all evidence of a biological weapons program left over from World War II. Of course when you realize the team consists of a few teenagers in sunglasses and a four foot girl, i’m sure you can guess how successful they are. Granted, they were set-up to fail by some mysterious government agency… so death by zombie was pretty much assured.

Anyway, the operation goes south and the chain of command breaks down. Half the team disappears into the pixelated black static of video noise never to be seen again, and the other half kinda’ just wait around until morning. Oh yeah… one dude goes mental and plays Rambo in the woods.

Best Scene: The team leader is dragged up by a rope from his own personal zombie slaughter, covered in blood from head to toe.

Worst Scene: Listen, we all know it was silly casting a tiny, little girl as an elite forces soldier. But even if you mute her dialogue… we can still see her mouth moving!

Technicolor Italia: Cropping your crappy VHS image to a ridiculous aspect ratio doesn’t add any sort authenticity to the production, guys. Now it’s not only dark and grainy, there’s also less of it to see!

Operation: Nazi Zombies
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