Nazis At The Center Of The Earth

Okay, first off we apologize if any of you watched this one along with us over the weekend. Who would have guessed that a movie about Nazi zombies might be offensive? Plus we’re not convinced that these were even zombies… more like, undead medical experiments or something. Obviously our editorial oversight is incredibly lacking here at Zombie-Thon!

Despite all that, Nazis at the Center of the Earth actually manages to be a pretty entertaining piece of schlock. And once Jake Busey leads his team of Antarctic researchers into the center of the Earth, it’s a non-stop thrill-ride! Nazi zombies in gas masks, horrible medical experiments, betrayal and double-crosses… this movie never lets up.

But clearly the Nazis wouldn’t have built a secret base in the center of the Earth unless they had a sinister plan of some sort. And unfortunately it’s up to Busey’s pathetic group of scientists to stop them. We’re not sure the cast of Antarctica 90210 would be any match for legions of undead, steampunk Nazis… but hey, somebody has to try!

Best Scene: Once you see Mecha-Hitler flying a Nazi UFO in the center of the Earth, everything else will pale in comparison.

Worst Scene: I still feel a little sick after watching the one-two punch of a zombie gang-rape and forced abortion. Seriously guys, we’re really sorry about that.

Utah! Get Me Two!: Jake Busey looks so much like his father it’s uncanny! I wonder if he steals acting gigs from his dad, kinda’ like Fake Gallagher?

Nazis at the Center of the Earth [Blu-ray]
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2 Responses to Nazis At The Center Of The Earth

  1. The nazi thing is odd, but then again I watched Abe Lincoln kill zombies.

  2. I actually wrote about this movie myself a little over a month ago – this is the worst, most offensive movie ever made. Check out my post:

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