Severed: Forest Of The Dead

Okay, so unfortunately Severed: Forest of the Dead isn’t about zombie Ents. And even though it features Canadian lumberjacks and infectious tree sap, it isn’t even a comedy. In fact, once the scene has been set… it’s actually in the vein of something like Heart Of Darkness. Although that comparison is much more generous than the film deserves.

Basically some company has been testing an experimental serum at one of their remote logging sites. But when they loose all communication with the isolated camp, the CEO sends his only son to investigate. Guess what he finds!

Tree sap zombies aren’t the worst danger in the forest, though. Trust-Fund Boy must join forces with the surviving lumberjacks and environmental protestors as they fight a group of loggers led by a madman, and an evil logging company that wants them dead.

Best Scene: You know how silly hippies are always chaining themselves to trees during protests? Well, have you ever wanted to see them devoured by a horde of zombies while still chained to the tree? Because this film totally has that!

Worst Scene: At one point Trust-Fund Boy apparently has a hard time coping with the whole situation, and the film goes all slow motion. I think it was supposed to make the scene more poignant or whatever, but it felt really odd and out of place.

Evil-Co. Incorporated: It seemed kinda’ weird that a logging company could afford to secretly dabble in genetic modification. But this does take place in Canada… so i guess huge, evil logging companies are probably pretty common up there.

Severed: Forest of the Dead
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