Silent Night, Zombie Night

A lot of these movies simply gloss over the reason behind the zombie apocalypse… and that’s totally cool. If you’ve got a great story to tell, then get on with it! But what bothers me is when we’re supposed to accept that civilization has completely collapsed within just a few days of a zombie outbreak.

Silent Night, Zombie Night features characters scavenging for food, living by candlelight in their attics, and performing impromptu surgery hours after the very first zombie attack. But even if it had been days or weeks, I don’t think these particularly slow zombies would send Los Angeles hurtling back to the Stone Age.

The film also has a hard time finding the right tone. One minute this guy is cracking jokes while intentionally cheezy Christmas music plays in the background, and the next he’s having a really heavy conversation about his dissolving marriage. Of course once it finds its footing, everything actually seemed to click pretty well.

Best Scene: Not really the best scene, but i could swear they used the old cantaloupe-head trick as one of the zombie’s gets its head blown off.

Worst Scene:Why, yes… my son is perfectly fine. He just prefers to lay motionless under this sheet. And never mind that horrible smell.

K-Billy’s Super Sounds: Towards the very beginning of the film we’re treated to a scene lifted directly from Reservoir Dogs. Although it seems pretty clever at first, the homage wears out its welcome quickly.





Silent Night, Zombie Night [Blu-ray]
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