The Terror Experiment

Okay, so technically The Terror Experiment isn’t really a zombie movie per se; the infection is actually the result of a highly contagious “rage” virus, which may sound very familiar if you’ve ever seen 28 Days Later. But since that movie totally counted, so does this one. Deal with it!

Anyway, a domestic terrorist plans to expose an evil government experiment by, um… blowing up all the evidence or something? I’m not really sure how that was supposed to work. Instead the blast exposes hundreds of innocent office workers to a deadly virus that was otherwise pretty well contained. Again, the strategy behind the attack is somewhat lacking to say the least.

The few survivors who managed to stay above the toxic cloud make their way around the building while fighting off the infected. First there’s an attempt at escaping via the roof, which ends poorly. Then they attempt to locate some sort of anti-virus, which also ends poorly. Eventually the people that we’d expect to make it out alive make it out alive. The building comes crashing down, and the truth will set us all free… or something.

Best Scene: The idea of an airborne virus going inert before eventually settling into a fine powder was pretty interesting, and made for a great visual effect later in the film.

Worst Scene: I hate watching zombies “learn” as they fumble with door handles or whatever. But the worst is when they start using guns. Kinda’ defeats the whole purpose of using the zombie as an antagonist.

WTC 7: While taking obvious inspiration from real-life terrorist attacks, the movie veered directly into Truther territory at one point. I was actually kinda’ shocked to see that sort of conspiratorial nuttery inserted so forcefully into a low-budget zombie movie.

The Terror Experiment [Blu-ray]
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