Steve Niles’ Remains

In 2004 comic book author Steve Niles followed his hugely successful series 30 Days Of Night with Remains, a five-issue miniseries about a post-apocalyptic world overrun by flesh-eating zombies.

Even though i own the original comics… i’ve never actually read them. Which is unfortunate because maybe then i would’ve known what the heck was happening! But from what i could piece together, the zombie apocalypse was apparently the result of a peace-weapon or something. Oh, the sweet irony!

Anyway, i suppose the cause of the outbreak is beside the point. The movie itself is about a couple lowlifes who hole up at a casino in Reno as the world falls apart around them. They encounter some sort of militia, argue a lot, drink a lot and turn on each other before eventually escaping the city via explosives and a Smart car.

Best Scene: Our survivors come across a girl cowering in a hotel room full of zombies. They convince her to stand up slowly and creep towards them… which promptly gets her eaten.

Worst Scene: Remember the Atlaspheres from American Gladiators? Well, they kept dropping hints throughout the movie that we’d get to see one in action! And then we actually got to see one in “action.”

Chris Barnes Was Better: I’m not sure that i’ve ever seen a zombie movie where the undead eat absolutely everything… including each other!

Steve Niles’ Remains [Blu-ray]
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