New Features For 2012!

The most common question we get here at Zombie-Thon usually goes something like this: “Which movies are you guys going to watch? And when are you going to watch them?” Okay, so technically that’s two questions. But the answer is the same for both… we simply don’t know!

Our annual zombie movie marathon is like a living, breathing creature! And we need quite a bit of flexibility to keep it rolling along smoothly. But we do know that some of you guys would like to participate, so we’re going to attempt a couple new things this year.

Every Friday we’ll try to post the title of at least one film that we intend on watching over the weekend. If you get a chance to watch the film yourself, please join us on Monday to leave your thoughts, comments and reviews!

In the same vein, we may occasionally live-blog a zombie movie on our official Twitter account. So follow us @ZombieThon1 to receive daily updates, catch a sneak-peek at some of our upcoming reviews or send in your very own recommendations!

Zombie-Thon: October 2012 gets underway this Monday night, and we can’t wait to get started! Heck, if we could begin right now… we would! Of course that would be cheating; so we’ll be watching our very first zombie film on October 1st. But from then on it’s full steam ahead until Halloween! See you guys soon!

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