George Romero On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame?

Thomas Jefferson once wrote “That to compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical.” However, the flip side of that idea is perfectly embodied in crowd-funding websites like Kickstarter, where you choose to fund only the projects that you truly believe in. And believe me, the Zombie Research Society has a project that nearly all zombie fans can believe in!

…Matt Mogk from the Zombie Research Society dropped by the Geekscape Comikaze booth this past weekend to announce a brand new initiative that he’s starting up that I think we can all get behind. Matt’s spearheading a Kickstarter campaign to get zombie legend George Romero his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Geekscape got the scoop last weekend at Comikaze during an interview with Matt Mogk of the Zombie Research Society. So make sure you swing by their official website and check out the entire podcast. And keep your eyes open during the first week of October for the official announcement from the ZRS.

Thankfully, Kim Kardashian was denied a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame… for now. But with the support of celebrities like Simon Pegg and Max Brooks, hopefully zombie fans can prove to the world that the “Godfather of all Zombies” actually deserves his own star!

We’ll be sure to keep you guys updated when the Zombie Research Society releases more information. But for now, start saving your pennies and be sure to visit both Geekscape and the ZRS to learn more!

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