Zombiegedon 35mm Film Fest!

Here at Zombie-Thon we assumed that we had a pretty good relationship with the guys over at the Zombie Research Society… but then the Syracuse, New York Chapter goes off and organizes an awesome zombie-movie marathon, and they don’t even give us a heads-up! What the heck, guys? Thankfully we stumbled onto the news ourselves purely by accident; and just in time to let you know about it!

Tuesday Sept 18th 2012 at the Palace Theater
Syracuse ZRS presents: “ZOMBIEGEDON 35MM FILM FEST”
Doors at 6 pm films start at 7 pm – $10 for the triple feature

Brought to you by Zombie Research Society Syracuse NY Chapter

Zombiegedon kicks off Tuesday night around 6:45pm at The Palace Theatre with a short introductory film from the ZRS before launching into a zombie-themed triple feature including Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things at 7:00pm, [REC]³ Genesis at 8:30pm and Demons at 10:00pm.

So now you guys know just as much as we do! Honestly… you could swing by either the official website of The Palace Theatre or the Syracuse Chapter’s Facebook page, but you won’t find much more information than that. Hopefully some of you will have a chance to make it to the film festival though, because it really sounds like a lot of fun!

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