The Walking Dead Official Magazine!

Apparently you people just can’t get enough of The Walking Dead. Besides the monthly comic book series and television program there’s all sorts of silly merchandise out there… like board games, actions figures and lunchboxes. Heck, at this rate i wouldn’t be surprised to see a wacky Saturday morning cartoon show!

Adding to the deluge, Titan Magazines will release the first issue of its official magazine next month! The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine will be available on newsstands and in specialty comic book stores on October 23.

But of course it just wouldn’t be a Walking Dead collectible without an endless amount of variants! So in addition to the regular newsstand version, the first issue will be available at specialty comic book stores with an alternative cover by Charlie Adlard… not to mention the limited edition cover only available at this year’s New York Comic Con.

So swing by the official website for exclusive news, features and subscription information. Because, as Robert Kirkman explains “This magazine will be your one stop destination for all the news pertaining to the comic, TV show, video game, toys, games, and whatever else exists in the ever-expanding Walking Dead universe!

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One Response to The Walking Dead Official Magazine!

  1. I think they could kick out Walking Dead TP and have it fly off the shelf….

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