Zombie Cruise!

Okay now, don’t get too excited by the title because this isn’t a real-life zombie cruise… which is incredibly disappointing, i know! But it is another promising Kickstarter campaign for an upcoming zombie-themed video game by Tuonela Productions.

Imagine a singles’ cruise in the Bermuda triangle: sunburns, distastefully decorated drinks, drunkards and lonely hearts roaming the hallways looking for love. Then a zombie infection hits the ship and suddenly the desperate need for company gets a whole new meaning…

Zombie Cruise isn’t just another zombie shooter: it’s a challenging game of humor, romance and action. Resorting to violence won’t get you far – it will get your brains eaten. Survival calls for devious planning, fast reflexes and mastery of the art of hitting on hot babes.

Zombie Cruise looks a bit like Dead Rising with the sort of cel-shading visuals found in video games like Borderlands… all downrezzed a bit for mobile platforms. Of course, you wouldn’t necessarily see that from watching the video above. So be sure to check out more videos, screenshots and concept art at the official website.

But wait, there’s more! Not only is Zombie Cruise looking to fund an upcoming video game title, they are collaborating on a feature film that will explore the origins of the epidemic.

With just over a month left to go, this ambitious project has raised barely five percent of its goal. So if Zombie Cruise sounds like something you want to support… now is the time! Visit the official Kickstarter website to learn more and make your pledge!

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