Resident Evil: Retribution Website!

Wow, have you guys seen the official Resident Evil: Retribution website? Even if you’re not a fan of the film series, they’ve got all kinds of neat stuff over there. I mean, obviously there’s the usual promotional videos, downloads and whatnot… but if you scroll down to the Features section there’s actually a few cool features worth checking out!

Undead Unleashed: A top-down, multidirectional shoot ’em up game that’s playable right in your browser. This flash-based shooter is similar to Konami’s Zombie Apocalypse but takes place in the Resident Evil world.

Street Invasion: This video game uses Google Street View to bring the zombie apocalypse right to your doorstep! Just type in your home address and prepare to defend your neighborhood from the undead hordes.

Join Umbrella Corporation: A pseudo-website for the infamous corporation featured in the Resident Evil series. Explore the deceptively innocuous website for videos, downloads and clues.

It’s refreshing to see an intellectual property like Resident Evil actually utilize their own domain. In this age of social media, i can’t even begin to count the number of major film and video game companies that have practically abandoned their home on the web in favor of third party websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Not only has Resident Evil kept their website alive, they’ve gone out of their way to keep it fresh and relevant by providing fun, original content to their fans! So be sure to check it out; try a few of the games, download some wallpaper or icons… and maybe even watch a trailer for the new movie!

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