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New Features For 2012!

The most common question we get here at Zombie-Thon usually goes something like this: “Which movies are you guys going to watch? And when are you going to watch them?” Okay, so technically that’s two questions. But the answer is … Continue reading

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Warnings And Whatnot: 2012

The time is nearly upon us; prepare yourselves for Zombie-Thon: October 2012! While it’s been fun updating the blog with news, reviews and events over the past year… this is what it’s really all about; our month-long zombie movie marathon! … Continue reading

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Family Force 5: Zombie

It’s Friday once again, which means that we’ve got another zombie-themed music video to kickstart your weekend! This one comes from crunk rock band Family Force 5. And i’ve got to admit that i have no idea who they are, … Continue reading

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George Romero On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame?

Thomas Jefferson once wrote “That to compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical.” However, the flip side of that idea is perfectly embodied in crowd-funding … Continue reading

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Robert Kirkman & Walking Dead Exclusives At NYCC!

Skybound recently announced their schedule for this year’s New York Comic Con which includes autograph sessions and panel discussions featuring Robert Kirkman… and even more exclusive Walking Dead merch, of course! The Walking Dead creator/writer Robert Kirkman and Skybound, his … Continue reading

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Horror Realm This Weekend!

Beginning this Friday, the Crowne Plaza once again plays host to Pittsburgh’s premiere horror convention. Horror Realm promises plenty of exciting events including a variety of horror-related discussion panels, specialty vendors, a film festival and celebrity guests. Featuring cast and … Continue reading

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Zombiegedon 35mm Film Fest!

Here at Zombie-Thon we assumed that we had a pretty good relationship with the guys over at the Zombie Research Society… but then the Syracuse, New York Chapter goes off and organizes an awesome zombie-movie marathon, and they don’t even … Continue reading

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