Rebecca Loebe: The Bees

Okay, so here’s another zombie-themed music video for you guys! This one comes from Rebecca Loebe, who is apparently a pretty big deal. I’d never heard of her before, but a Zombie-Thon reader suggested this video after we reported on the terrifying and mysterious plague of ZomBees last month. Just listen to the song and it’ll make sense.

Anyway, The Bees comes from an EP of B-sides and outtakes called Bees & Zombies. It’s a cute little song and the video features zombies! So what more could you want?

Besides being an adorably quirky little singer-songwriter, Rebecca Loebe was also featured on The Voice as part of Team Adam during one of the show’s battle stages… or something. Honestly, i have no idea what any of that means. But if you want to learn more, just stop by her official website for news, music and tour dates!

Bees & Zombies
Available at

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2 Responses to Rebecca Loebe: The Bees

  1. Zombease says:

    This is awesome because I am totally one of those people that would say: “Did you hear about the bees?”

    • rudeonline says:

      Heh. I’d probably politely switch seats… but then run home and look it up on Wikipedia or something!

      “Why was that crazy person on the bus asking me if i’d heard about the bees? Should i know something about the bees? What’s it all mean?!!”

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