Six Flags Teams Up With Resident Evil 6!

Wow, i guess the zombie-themed haunted houses are popular this year! First there was The Walking Dead at Universal Studios, then Ward Of The Dead at Circus Circus and now Six Flags is teaming up with Resident Evil 6!

Beginning August 30, 2012, any consumer who pre-orders Resident Evil 6 at GameStop stores or will receive a special Six Flags ticket offer with exclusive benefits for the October 6th Resident Evil 6 Flags Night, including:

* Admission discount for Six Flags Fright Fest (discount varies by market)
* One free haunted attraction voucher
* Exclusive ride time on certain Six Flags’ coasters

All guests, 17 years of age and older, will have the ability to play Resident Evil 6 with interactive game demo stations at the theme parks and win Resident Evil 6 prizes from branded street teams on the event date.

The official website for Fright Fest 2012 won’t go live until September 8th… because, apparently “Real terror takes time.” In English that means “Dang it, we went to press before the website was ready!” Good job, Six Flags… you incompetent twits!

But when it is finally available next week, we imagine they’ll have more information including dates, times and redemption information. Of course, by the time you make it to Fright FestResident Evil 6 will have already been out for about four days. So the game demos won’t amount to much, but hey; exclusive ride times, right?! No? Eh… whatever.

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