George Romero’s Ward Of The Dead!

Last month we told you about the upcoming Walking Dead experience to be featured during Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. Not to be outdone, the Fright Dome in Las Vegas will be celebrating its ten year anniversary by teaming up with George Romero to present Ward Of The Dead!

Romero’s zombie themed haunted house will be appropriately name “Ward of the Dead” and will immerse guests in a real life zombie apocalypse, leaving them to fend off attacking zombies as they race for safety in Fright Dome’s most intense haunted house in 10 years. In addition to this groundbreaking theme, Fright Dome will feature four additional all-new haunted houses including “The Infected,” a zombie quarantine area; “Camp Massacre,” a twisted, chainsaw-ridden summer camp; “Fright Dome’s Urban Legends,” playing on classic fears; and the “The Anniversary” which will combine fan favorites from over the past 10 years of terror at the event.

The Fright Dome takes over The Adventuredome at Circus Circus beginning Saturday, Sept. 29. There’s no word yet on how Romero intends to shoehorn some heavy-handed social criticism into the experience, but we’re confident that he’s hard at work on the problem! In the meantime, feel free to stop by the official website for more information including dates, times and special ticket offers.

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