Kill The Noise: Kill The Noise Pt. 1

Alright, guys… this is more like it! I asked for some decent zombie-themed music videos, and you definitely answered the call. Granted, i’m not a huge fan of dubstep. But this video is pretty awesome nonetheless!

Kill The Noise, aka Jake Stanczak, is a drum and bass, dubstep and house producer from Rochester. And, as far as i can tell, this track comes from the 2008 album Kill Kill Kill… which is weird because i’m pretty sure their record label OWSLA just uploaded this video recently. Maybe it simply took them four years to create something this entertaining!

In fact, director Mike Dahlquist has uploaded a video to his personal YouTube account detailing some of the SFX work that went into the making of Kill The Noise Pt. 1. After you’ve had a chance to watch the official video you should definitely check it out!

Anyway, Kill The Noise Pt. 1 is a mix of gritty science fiction and slick special effects presented with a dirty grindhouse aesthetic that really pushes it over the top! Zombies and robots in a post apocalyptic world; this music video has it all. As i mentioned, it is dubstep. But it’s also the perfect way to get your weekend started!

Kill Kill Kill
Available on

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2 Responses to Kill The Noise: Kill The Noise Pt. 1

  1. Pwntalive says:

    Love the grindhouse filter

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