Red Cross El Paso Looking For Zombie Artists!

If the amazing amount of zombie-related books, products and websites is any indication… there are tons of talented zombie fans and artists out there. Well, now is the perfect time to put those skills to good use! The El Paso Chapter of the American Red Cross is looking for a little help!

Calling all artists: We will be holding a poster contest from now until September 7th. The poster needs to have a picture of a zombie as well as the Red Cross symbol. We will use the winning poster to advertise our end of September Preparedness event called “Disaster Preparedness in a Zombie Apocalypse World”.

The contest was recently announced on the group’s official Facebook page, and all entries or questions can be sent directly to Ashley Rendon. We can’t wait to see the winner, and to hear more about next month’s zombie apocalypse preparedness course! But in the meantime, be sure to visit the official website for more information including the latest updates, safety tips and volunteer opportunities.

And even if you don’t live in El Paso, considering supporting your local Red Cross. Donations are always welcome, but volunteering in your community is a great way to prepare for the inevitable zombie apocalypse!

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3 Responses to Red Cross El Paso Looking For Zombie Artists!

  1. I made a appointment to donate last month….they offered two tickets to the movies for the donation. I waited 2 1/2 hours to get stuck and they sent 1 ticket in the mail…HUGE SCORE!

    • rudeonline says:

      At least you got a movie ticket. Last time i donated blood, they gave me a disgusting piece of candy. You can’t raise an army of zombie apocalypse survivors by draining their blood and feeding them lollipops!

      • True, I tried to do the Boy Scout thing but the wait killed any future plans to “donate” now they have my number and address and they will stalk me forever…muahhhhhh O Neg im Universal baby.

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