The Zombie Factor: Sizzle Reel.

The Zombie Factor has been floating around film festivals and various conventions for a little over a year now. In fact, the pilot has already won a number of awards and continues to gain new fans all across the country. We’ve been keeping an eye on the show, but other than a few teaser trailers there really wasn’t much information available until now.

The zombie apocalypse becomes REALITY on The Zombie Factor, the most dangerous show on television.

Every episode, someone dies.

The Zombie Factor puts contestants head-to-head against flesh-eating zombies. And on this reality show, as the people are eliminated, they become part of the stable of zombies and used against their fellow competitors.

Thankfully, producer Matt Cantu and the team behind The Zombie Factor have recently released this hilarious new sizzle reel (that’s just an industry term for a greatest hits trailer, by the way.) But it’s the best look we’ve gotten of this promising series so far. Hopefully their search for a major television network pays off soon, because we can’t wait to see the entire show!

But for now, enjoy this extended trailer and keep your eyes open for a screening near you! You can visit the official website or Facebook page for more information including videos, merchandise and more.

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