New Exhibition Room Presents: Zombie Double Feature.

A while back the New Exhibition Room in Boston released a cute little video in an attempt to raise funds for their upcoming zombie production. After a successful campaign via the online crowd-funding site Indiegogo, not only did they meet their goal… but apparently the show split into a Zombie Double Feature at some point!

Midnight At The Last Night Cabaret – A group of performers gather at BPT to put on a vaudeville show as the world begins to collapse. Our awareness of time, cataclysmic scope, and absurdity are challenged as zombies and the living boggle their way through the performance laying waste to everything in their path.

Terror at BPT – Survivors continue to gather at Boston Playwrights’ Theatre to wait out the ruin. Under the watchful eye of The Vicar the inhabitants of BPT make fun where they can in close quarters where societal rules no longer apply. After a day of bumping, grinding, and praising the lord, one couple shares a moment of intimacy with supernatural repercussions.

Setting your zombie play in the actual theater itself? Well, it all sounds a little meta to me. And unfortunately the teaser trailer doesn’t reveal much about the show itself. But, hey… the poster art is pretty darn cool! So, take a look at the official website for yourself and see what you think. The show runs through August 25th at the Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, and tickets are available online.

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