ZomBees Invade North America?

Bees. Could there be a more sinister little insect? Sure they produce sweet, tasty honey… but they’re up to something. I’m not sure what exactly. But they know something we don’t. The bees know.

Anyway, scientists recently discovered that honey bees have begun carrying a nasty little parasite that is turning them into zombies! Apocephalus borealis, also known as the Zombie Fly, is native to North America but has adapted to attack the non-native honey bee, which is the most important pollinator of agricultural crops.

What are ZomBees? They are honey bees that have been parasitized by the Zombie Fly Apocephalus borealis. Fly-parasitized honey bees become “ZomBees” showing the “zombie-like behavior” of leaving their hives at night on “a flight of the living dead.”

John Hafernik, a professor of biology at San Francisco State University, has created a website to study and track this dangerous new parasite. ZomBee Watch asks for your help to find out where honey bees are being parasitized by the Zombie Fly and how big a threat the fly is to honey bees.

Now, we know what you’re wondering. But according to their FAQ page “The Zombie Fly only parasitizes insects and does not lay eggs on or in humans. As far as we know it does not transmit any diseases that are contractible by humans.

Of course we all know what bureaucrats and morally-bankrupt scientists say when their human experiments go horribly wrong and they want plausible deniability, right? Things like “as far as we know” and “to the best of our knowledge.” Is it time for a second look at the recent “bath-salt” zombie plague? Hmmm…

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One Response to ZomBees Invade North America?

  1. Anything can set the apocolypse in motion mayBEE it will be bees, or someone having sex with monkeys like how AID’s started. When I was a kid that’s what the rumor was, it’s crazy how humans handle things.

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