The Walking Dead At Universal Studios!

I actually worked at a haunted house briefly during high school. I was so good at scaring people that i managed to get punched in the nose, spit on and kicked in the chest. In fact, i once spent Halloween night in the emergency room with a broken nose while still wearing my official costume and black make-up around my eyes!

So trust me… the “fight-or-flight” response is very real. Of course when dealing with a haunted house, i think it’s more like the “drunken-embarrassed-douchebag” response. So if any of you tough guys plan on taking your girlfriends to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios this Halloween, do the poor employees a favor and lay off the booze. Or at least don’t lash out when they make you scream like a little girl.

This fall, Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood are joining forces with AMC’s The Walking Dead for their Halloween Horror Nights events. Visitors to both theme parks will be able to experience the horror of AMC’s blockbuster original series, The Walking Dead, in elaborately themed, haunted mazes. It marks the first-time Universal Studios has featured a television series at Halloween Horror Nights on both coasts.

In addition to The Walking Dead, this year’s Halloween attractions include Alice Cooper Goes To Hell 3D and a terrifying new Silent Hill experience! Sounds like an amazing line-up… so you’d better start making your plans right now! Visit the official website for Halloween Horror Nights at either Universal Orlando Resort or Universal Studios Hollywood for more information including dates and ticket prices.

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