More Walking Dead Video Game News!

It looks like the world just can’t get enough of The Walking Dead… at least in video game form. Activision recently announced yet another game based on the series simply called AMC The Walking Dead: Video Game. That’s a really creative title, huh? Well, let’s just hope they put more effort into the game itself! It does tell us one thing, at least… this is obviously based on characters from AMC’s television version of the series; specifically Daryl Dixon and his brother Merle.

I guess Activision must have forgotten to send me an official press release or something though, because i had to scrounge for information on the interwebs like a commoner. But from what i’ve managed to piece together, this will be a First Person Shooter scheduled for release sometime next year. And unlike Telltale’s episodic adventures, the gameplay will focus on action vs. stealth as you attempt to elude the undead on your way to Atlanta.

So now you know just as much as me! Oh yeah, there is an official website… but there’s not much there right now except a teaser trailer and some box art. I’ll update Zombie-Thon when i learn more. But in the meantime it looks like IGN is going to get all the exclusive, super-secret news first. Because apparently them and Activision are BFFs or something.

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2 Responses to More Walking Dead Video Game News!

  1. Really looking forward to this. I’ve been playing the episodic “Walking Dead”, it’s pretty cool. But I’d love to play an FPS version of it. As long as I get to use Crossbows… I’ll be a happy Zombie killer. They should title it, “The Walking Dead: Dixon Brothers” or something similar. I’m sure their’s is just a working title, but who knows.

  2. steviegill says:

    Nice teaser, but it gives little clue as to the gameplay. Guess I’ll have to be patient…

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