The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead.

The proliferation of “novelty” or “collectible” tarot cards has always confused me. I figure that the people actually into these things for their supposed powers of divination aren’t buying Hello Kitty decks or whatever. And those getting them simply out of curiosity, or for the amazing artwork, end up with an odd collectible that’s nearly impossible to display. I mean, tarot cards aren’t exactly something you leave out on the coffee table at dinner parties; or maybe they are… i don’t know.

Either way, Quirk Books has released a really cool set of zombie-themed tarot cards featuring the artwork of award-winning illustrator Paul Kepple. The Zombie Tarot melds the traditional tarot deck with an impressive retro-zombie-apocalypse theme that’s sure to please zombie fans, at least.

In this zombified parallel universe, wands become limbs, pentacles are biohazard symbols, and the Major Arcana is full of shambling corpses. Along with the 78-card deck, readers will receive instructions in a 96-page full-color book; its contents explain how to survive the zombie apocalypse and forecast your future using one of three different card layouts.

The Zombie Tarot is available right now at most retailers, including Amazon. The MSRP is only $16.95, but you should be able to find it even cheaper online. And that’s good news if you intend on framing and displaying all 78 cards. Of course if you intend on using them to actually tell the future or whatever, well… let’s just say that nothing good will ever come of your evil ways!

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4 Responses to The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead.

  1. The Wall behind my desk is bare and screaming for some decoration. Maybe I will have to buy a set and display a few of the cards.

  2. Jake says:

    They are actually sending me a pack to review for Zombease! I snap some shots for ya.

    • rudeonline says:

      That’s great! Obviously the best part of The Zombie Tarot is Paul Kepple’s artwork. I’ve seen quite a few of the actual cards, but i’m curious if he illustrated the 96-page book as well. So I’ll be looking forward to your review!

  3. steviegill says:

    These look pretty cool. Though people are starting to worry about all the zombie-related stuff I’m buying.

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