DV8’s New Bowling Ball: The Zombie Spare!

Back in college i used to meet a few friends at the bowling alley every weekend. Whether we were tired, hung over, or studying for finals… come 9am we were at the lanes throwing rocks! In fact, if they hadn’t torn down the bowling alley we’d have joined an actual league and everything. Ah, memories.

Anyway, i often found myself hanging around the pro shop checking out the custom bowling balls. But unfortunately most of them looked like some splatter-painted, tie-dyed, hippie crap. They did have one clear ball with a rose inside, but even that wouldn’t have compared to DV8’s latest creation: the Zombie Spare!

Leave a few pins standing? Pull out your Zombie. Unlike the human undead this Zombie is easy to control. With trance like motion the Zombie heads straight towards any uncooperative pins and puts them down for good and when it’s done it comes right back to you. How many other Zombies do you know that will do that?

DV8 will unleash the Zombie Spare next month. But in the meantime you can visit the official website and read up on all the specs, check out a few videos, or find a participating pro shop near you! They’re even on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook; but when you’re finished messing around on your little electronic devices… get out there and bowl, people! Our society may depend on it.

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2 Responses to DV8’s New Bowling Ball: The Zombie Spare!

  1. The best idea ever….well second best I like electricity, but a very close.

    • rudeonline says:

      The googly eye is a little silly. But otherwise it’s pretty sweet, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want to toss a zombie head down the lane?!

      Oh yeah; electricity is great and all. But the flush toilet has my vote for best idea ever!

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