A Different Sort Of Zombie Attack?

You ever watch that show World’s Dumbest Criminals? Yeah, me neither. But with bath salt zombies on the loose in Miami, and Kenyans cannibalizing people in Maryland… i never thought that i’d see one of our own on the wrong side of the law. We are supposed to be the heroes here, people!

A Pennsylvania woman who allegedly hit a man with a stun gun during a pedestrian hit-and-run was arrested after police say her vanity license plate made her easy to track down.

Allentown police say Yardley Joy Frantz was promptly arrested Friday after witnesses spotted her “ZOMBIE” license plate.

Listen, if you’re going to represent the zombie community with a sweet set of personalized license plates like that… you can’t go running people over, zap ’em with a stun gun and then flee the scene. You’re going to give us a bad name!

Of course, we don’t know the whole story. Maybe Yardley knew something we don’t; presumably she is familiar with the ways of the zombie. Although, judging by the police report and her photo… i’m gonna’ guess she’s on the dope.

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