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Z. – “Magic: The Gathering + The Walking Dead”

One great thing about this whole zombie craze is that it provides a lot of artists the opportunity to work on some very exciting projects. Graphic designers, authors, filmmakers… they’re all out there contributing to the genre in really creative … Continue reading

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Pandemic 2012 In Grand Island, Nebraska!

One year a friend of mine decided to celebrate his birthday at the firing range. Apparently he just assumed they’d toss him a gun and off he’d go. Instead, they required him to demonstrate his safety and proficiency using a … Continue reading

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DV8’s New Bowling Ball: The Zombie Spare!

Back in college i used to meet a few friends at the bowling alley every weekend. Whether we were tired, hung over, or studying for finals… come 9am we were at the lanes throwing rocks! In fact, if they hadn’t … Continue reading

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The Chicago Zombie Prom 2012!

The 4th Annual Zombie Prom returns to Chicago this Friday, June 29! The event kicks off around 9:00pm at the Vision Nightclub and features a free buffet, zombie prom king and queen contest, prize giveaways, live zombie band and a … Continue reading

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A Different Sort Of Zombie Attack?

You ever watch that show World’s Dumbest Criminals? Yeah, me neither. But with bath salt zombies on the loose in Miami, and Kenyans cannibalizing people in Maryland… i never thought that i’d see one of our own on the wrong … Continue reading

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Hyundai’s “Zombie Survival Machine!”

To celebrate the 100th issue of The Walking Dead, Hyundai has teamed up with Robert Kirkman to create the ultimate “zombie survival machine!” Although apparently it’s just an Elantra Coupe. Granted, there are a few modifications like a cowcatcher on … Continue reading

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Resident Evil 6: Anthology & Archives Editions Announced!

I suppose we might as well keep this week’s zombie video game theme going with some official news about the upcoming Resident Evil sequel. Along with the release of the standard edition on October 2nd, Capcom will offer two platform-specific … Continue reading

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