Livin’ With Steve.

We came across Livin’ With Steve by accident sometime last year. Back then the official website was hosted here at WordPress, and there were only a few episodes available. Apparently Awesome Fighter Animation has completed the entire first season since then, and the series is actually scheduled to appear on The Movie Extra Television Network later this year.

The reality is that Steve is a Zombie; a living corpse, contaminated by an infection that raises the dead, giving them an unquenchable desire to feed on human flesh. Despite his gruesome appearance and lack of social skills, the people of Pine Falls consider Steve to be nothing more than Nate’s handsome friend, until it’s too late.

What better way to spend your weekend than by catching up on all seven episodes of Livin’ With Steve? You can swing by the official website, check out the YouTube Channel or do the Facebook thing if you still think that’s cool. We’re not sure what the future holds for this amusing little series, but we certainly hope there’s more episodes on the way!

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