Head To Toe Zombie Clothes!

I’m sure that you’ve all been wearing your gray in support of Zombie Awareness Month. But if little ribbons and bracelets are too subtle for a peacock like you, don’t worry because we’ve got ya’ covered… literally! Here’s three pieces of zombie gear from Think Geek to keep you covered from head to toe all month long.

Plush Zombie Hat – The Plush Zombie Hat is a soft beanie that will warm your noggin while looking quite stylish. If you consider having one of the walking dead munching on your head to be stylish, that is.

Zombie Attack Hoodie – This hoodie features the battle scars you earned in your fight with the zombie hordes. Clearly, you’ve had better days.

Plush Zombie Slippers – If we’re going to feel like zombies, we might as well dress the part, right? This pair of zombies is a little confused. Where are your brains again? Let them gently nom on your feet. Who knew being chewed on was so comfortable?

Click on any of the links to head over to the official product page where you can view additional images and detailed product information for each item. But if something catches your fancy, maybe we can talk you into supporting Zombie-Thon by placing your order via Amazon instead. Just use these links for the Plush Zombie Hat, Zombie Attack Hoodie or Zombie Plush Slippers!

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