Rifftrax Presents Mutant (AKA Night Shadows)!

Hey, Zombie-Thon?” you often ask. “Why don’t you post more zombie movie trailers, or zombie movie news, or anything at all about zombie movies?” Well, faithful readers… it takes incredible restraint, but we’re saving ourselves for you! More precisely, we’re saving our reviews and opinions for Zombie-Thon’s annual zombie movie marathon.

But occasionally there’s some new zombie release on the horizon that we’d simply be remiss for not mentioning. Such is the case with Mutant, the latest offering from Rifftrax!

Not so much the X-Men kind of mutant, and not so much the Teenage Ninja Turtle kind of mutant, Mutant is all about that most iconic form of mutant: the one that seems a lot like a zombie. Yes, when you see hordes of zombies chasing the citizens of this sleepy Southern town, you might be tempted to tell yourself “I am watching a zombie movie.”

Rifftrax is, of course, the newest project from Michael J. Nelson; head writer and star of Mystery Science Theater 3000. However, unlike most of their commentaries, Mutant is available as a Video-On-Demand title. There’s no MP3 files or DVDs to sync… simply download the video, and you’re ready to go! We’ll be saving the hilarity for October, but there’s no reason for you to wait! Mutant is available right now for just $9.99.

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