Be Prepared With Zombie Insurance!

It’s kind of funny how we all just assume the zombie apocalypse will instantly plunge the world into total chaos. And while Thunderdome is certainly a possibility, it’s much more likely that we’ll be spending our time filling out paperwork and submitting zombie-related insurance claims. But you just try getting Flo to bundle that in your insurance package!

It is suspected that each year, millions of dollars in
personal property is damaged by hordes of zombies. And yet, regular insurance companies don’t deal with these claims.

We all know how zombies like to break down doors, come through the windows, and indiscriminately break all your stuff.

Zombies just don’t care, but we do.

My Zombie Insurance isn’t afraid to offer what other insurance companies won’t: supplemental coverage against all zombie-related incidents. For just $9.99 you can get zombie insurance for life, including an official insurance card, proof of insurance certificate, and “Protected By” window decal to ward off potential zombie attacks. At that price, how can you afford not to sign up?

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