NYC Zombie Prom Featuring GWAR!

I think the title says it all; New York city, zombie prom, GWAR! Pretty straightforward, right? But if that isn’t enough for you… how about DJs, raffles, prizes and drink specials? I don’t know what else a zombie fan could possibly want.

Abracadabra NYC , Zombies Can’t Love & Zombies Worldwide is proud to present the zombie event of the year!! The New York City ZOMBIE PROM featuring GWAR ! This is a zombie event like no other!! Irving Plaza will be full of the undead!! Booze, Blood & GWAR!!

That’s a lot of exclamation marks. I guess that’s how you know they mean business! But seriously, there’s so much happening at this thing that you should really check out the official Facebook page for a complete list of events. The Zombie Prom takes place June 9th, but i wouldn’t recommend waiting… tickets are on sale right now!

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2 Responses to NYC Zombie Prom Featuring GWAR!

  1. Sweet! If I were still living in NJ I’d be there… saw Gwar years ago at irving Plaza I think…

    Armand Rosamilia

  2. sarah mangold says:

    when is the next one I am so upset I missed it

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