Zombie Themed Restaurant And Bars!

On a tip from my own brother, i present Zombie Burger; a zombie-themed restaurant and bar located in Des Moines, Iowa. Now, i’m not sure if he’s actually been there or even why he knows that it exists. But, when it comes to my brother, it’s best not to ask too many questions.

Open for lunch, dinner and late-night dining, ZOMBIE BURGER + DRINK LAB features something for everyone. Visit the quick-service ZOMBIE BURGER counter for a meal on-the-go. Step into the DRINK LAB for a full-service meal, cocktails and our famous spiked milk shakes.

I’m not sure how i’d feel about eating a “goreMet” (get it?) burger while pictures of the undead stare down at me. Drinking a beer, on the other hand… that’s no problem! In fact, if you’re in the mood for a drink while you get your zombie fix, and you’re near Minneapolis, Minnesota, stop by Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den. Besides the cool drinks and awesome zombie decor, i hear the bartenders sometimes dress like Simon Pegg from Shaun of the Dead. Classy!

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3 Responses to Zombie Themed Restaurant And Bars!

  1. pwntalive says:

    Donny Dirks sounds like the kind of place you can get novelty shots. One brain hemorrhage please

  2. pwntalive says:

    The Rice Krispie Treat Shake sounds like a winner at Zombie Burger

  3. DoreeAnne says:

    HA! I’ve heard of this! Me want! :))

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