California Warns Of Driving Zombies!

First it was the CDC, then it was MDC… and now it’s the OTS. Heck, if the list of official government agencies using zombies in their public service announcements gets any longer we may actually have to create a brand new category! But leave it to California to take a silly idea to a whole new level.

Distracted driving, such as texting, phone calls and eating, can reduce brain function by as much as a third. This lack of brain function can effectively turn you into a Zombie behind the wheel, which is unsafe for both you and other drivers/pedestrians. A crash, loss of life or $159 first offense ticket can be the result of distracted driving, so please don’t drive distracted.

You’d think a state budget crisis and high-speed rail boondoggle might prevent the California Office of Traffic and Safety from producing not one, but six zombie-themed public service announcements. But apparently they have the money and staff to create a series of these things. Not to mention their official YouTube channel and Facebook pages. So please, by all means, go have yourself a good laugh and witness my tax dollars at work!

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