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Be Prepared With Zombie Insurance!

It’s kind of funny how we all just assume the zombie apocalypse will instantly plunge the world into total chaos. And while Thunderdome is certainly a possibility, it’s much more likely that we’ll be spending our time filling out paperwork … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead Comes To XBox LIVE… Finally.

We waited. When Telltale Games released The Walking Dead for PC gamers and PS3 owners last Tuesday, we waited. As the universal adulation began to pour in… from IGN to Joystiq, we waited. While message boards and blogs started to … Continue reading

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NYC Zombie Prom Featuring GWAR!

I think the title says it all; New York city, zombie prom, GWAR! Pretty straightforward, right? But if that isn’t enough for you… how about DJs, raffles, prizes and drink specials? I don’t know what else a zombie fan could … Continue reading

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Are You Ready… Right Now?

Most of us assume that we’ll get at least a little bit of warning before the inevitable zombie apocalypse. After all, we’ve got our safehouse picked out, stocked up on ammo and taken the time to map our surroundings. But … Continue reading

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Mathematical Modelling Of An Outbreak Of Zombie Infection?

According to some Canadian mathematicians this is the equation for surviving a zombie apocalypse. I’m not really sure that i even know what most of those symbols mean. But apparently S = susceptibles, Z = zombies and R = removed; … Continue reading

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Zombie Themed Restaurant And Bars!

On a tip from my own brother, i present Zombie Burger; a zombie-themed restaurant and bar located in Des Moines, Iowa. Now, i’m not sure if he’s actually been there or even why he knows that it exists. But, when … Continue reading

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Map Of The Dead: Zombie Survival Map

So maybe you’ve already got your safehouse ready to go when the zombie apocalypse comes. And maybe you even know where you’ll get supplies. But do you know where the nearest pharmacy or radio tower is? How about dangerous areas … Continue reading

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