ZomBcon 2012: Cancelled

The ZomBcon Staff recently released an official statement explaining their decision to cancel this year’s convention. Unfortunately this is just the latest in a series of difficulties for the organization, which has seen the removal of its Facebook page, internal power struggles*, and a failure to secure financial support:

To all of our undead ZomBconfans worldwide, it brings us sad news today on this holiday to officially announce our plans for a 2012 convention will not move forward.

After much hard work this past four months to find the proper financial support to pull the trigger on a 2012 convention to keep this great community undead, we must cancel plans for this year.

It’s sad to see such a successful and promising zombie convention implode. However, from the ashes of ZomBcon comes XomBcon International! Hopefully the organization will endure it’s growing pains, and return next year even bigger and better to truly become “The world’s premier Zombie Culture Convention.”

*ZomBcon creator and organizer Ryan Reiter contacted Zombie-Thon to help clarify the situation. Please check the comments section for his statement.
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3 Responses to ZomBcon 2012: Cancelled

  1. Always sad when an event like this is cancelled… but, like you said, maybe rising from the undead ashes will be be good long-term for the event.

    Armand Rosamilia

  2. Ryan Reiter says:

    Thanks for posting! As the Organizer of ZomBcon I’d like to shed light on the matter.

    This wasn’t a power struggle internally bug a vicious third party attack that was malicious and 100% fraudulent on all cases.

    We own this event from its creation and plan to fight it for our loyal community.

    It’s a shame and their interference caused considerable promotional damage and caused financial harm.

    We hope to return and raise from the dead from this sad but serious attack.

    Stayed tuned!

    Ryan Reiter
    Organizer & Creator

    • rudeonline says:

      Thanks for clarifying the situation! We’ve edited the original post to mention your comments here.

      We wish all the best for ZomBcon and XomBcon International, and hope for a quick resolution to the matter. Please contact us in the future if there’s anything we can do to help!

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