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ShEvil Dead Return To San Francisco!

March 31st marks the glorious return of the San Francisco ShEvil Dead to the Fort Mason Center! The zombie girls of the Bay Area roller derby league left their fans in the lurch when they bailed to Freemont’s Craneway Pavilion … Continue reading

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Free Digital Zombie Comics!

It seems that everything is going digital these days. So it’s no surprise that even comic books have found their way onto your little fancy-pants mobile devices. And here are two free zombie comics available for download directly from the … Continue reading

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Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies: Official Trailer!

Here’s the first official trailer for The Asylum’s latest “mockbuster” Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies! Now, don’t be confused if you thought that Abraham Lincoln hunted vampires rather than zombies… that’s entirely understandable. See, back in 2010 author Seth Grahame-Smith followed … Continue reading

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Zombified Joe Thornton’s Plea!

Right now is a pretty frustrating time to be a San Jose Sharks fan, or a player for that matter. But that hasn’t stopped zombified NHL All-Star and team captain Joe Thornton from playing a few games of RISK: Factions … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead: Video Game Trailer!

Telltale Games has finally released the debut trailer for their upcoming video game based on The Walking Dead! Taking its visual style directly from the comic book series itself, the trailer features artwork by Daniel Kanemoto (who created his own … Continue reading

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Zombie Research Society Limited Edition Poster!

The Zombie Research Society has just released this awesome limited edition poster in honor of its fifth anniversary. Created by artist Glen Ostrander, and based on Edward Hopper’s famous 1942 painting Nighthawks, this print is absolutely jam-packed with zombie movie … Continue reading

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Kirby Krackle: Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse by “nerd rock” band Kirby Krackle isn’t the sort of song that will get you raring for the weekend. In fact, with its soothing ukelele melody… its more like a sleepy lullaby. So not exactly my cup of … Continue reading

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