Invasive Species Alert: ZOMBIES!

The Missouri Department of Conservation has recently joined the ever-growing list of official government agencies and websites preparing us for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Apparently they’ve declared zombies to be the state’s newest invasive species and issued some helpful guidelines for residents:

Hunters, campers and others in the outdoors and on conservation areas should know there is always the chance they may encounter a zombie while out in the field. Good preparation helps you know what to do if you encounter this newest invasive species in Missouri.

The zombie invasion is like the feral hog problem in parts of Missouri, and its management is similar. We do not encourage organized zombie hunts since that may encourage the intentional release of zombie swarms. It can also disrupt wildlife and hunting opportunities for the more than 500,000 living Missourians who enjoy hunting.

Um… did they really just compare the zombie apocalypse to a “feral hog problem?” Anyway, you’ve got to check out the official website. There are all sorts of tips for hunters, anglers and foresters including Zombie Identification, Hunger and Habitat. Heck, there’s even a picture illustrating proper zombie Tree Stand Safety. Your tax dollars at work!

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One Response to Invasive Species Alert: ZOMBIES!

  1. steviegill says:

    It’s about time people started taking this seriously. It’s only a matter of time… lock ‘n’ load…

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