Save The Evans City Cemetery Chapel!

The small chapel featured briefly in the opening scene of Night of the Living Dead is in danger of being torn down unless it receives some desperately needed renovations. But don’t worry… Gary R. Streiner, an original member of the film’s production staff, is coming to its rescue! Because being onscreen for a few seconds apparently qualifies the building as a “cinematic landmark” or something:

Fix The is the grassroots effort of Night of the Living Dead fans to restore and preserve the chapel in Evans City Cemetery, a cinematic landmark from the George A. Romero classic horror film originally released in 1968. Fundraising activities include donations and merchandise sales through this web site and online auctions, as well as raising awareness at horror conventions and via social networks such as Facebook and YouTube. A goal of $50,000 is being sought.

Honestly, i wouldn’t have been able to recognize the Evans City chapel if it punched me in the face. But i still did my part to support the cause by purchasing an official piece of the chapel in its very own minature coffin! Sure it’s probably just a dirty bit of the old, rotten roof. But hey… now i own a piece of zombie history, man!

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