Free Zombie Valentine’s Day Cards!

Alright boys and girls, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. And if your significant other is a zombie-lover, you know that just any old Valentine’s Day card isn’t going to cut it. You’re gonna’ need something special. But since you’ve obviously waited until the last minute… i’m going to assume that you’re incredibly lazy, and probably a cheap-skate too. No worries though, there’s still plenty of time to email, download or print these free zombie-themed Valentine’s Day cards:

The Walking Dead Ecards – Choose from four different designs inspired by AMC’s original series.

hanasaurusrex – Four different cartoonish cards available as a free, downloadable PDF file.

QuinkyArt – Three original linocut, hand coloured prints created by artist Elliott Quince.

Pizza By The Slice – A cute, retro-style Valentine by Buz Carter.

Even if you don’t have someone special to spend this Valentine’s Day with, go ahead and print up a few of these cards and hand them out around the office or something. Not only will you be popular with your co-workers, but nothing says “good employee” like using company time and resources on frivolous things like zombie-themed Valentine’s Day cards!

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