Zombie Pinups!

Some of you weren’t happy with either ZombieHarmony nor the newest Chime.in online zombie group. Maybe you just aren’t the social networking types. I can understand that. But now i’m pretty sure i know what you are into, and i can’t say that i approve… ya’ weirdos:

Zombie Pinups first started crawling out of their graves in San Francisco in 2000 as live performance pieces, most notably as a parody of beauty pageants. Then they found their way onto the internet and began infecting gorgeous women nationwide. Now the cat is officially out of the bag – most major cities feature their own grassroots variations of Zombie Pinup events, and there are a number of burlesque acts and websites that have taken the concept even further.

Zombie Pinups offers… well, zombie pinup girls. Pretty straightforward, right? They used to put on an amazing zombie burlesque show, but haven’t done many live events lately. Although they continue to release their hugely popular zombie pinup calendar, which is available online right now!

You can stop by the official website but it looks like an ugly, old, abandoned MySpace page. So i’d suggest checking out their Facebook or Twitter accounts instead. Most likely though, you’d probably be happier with a copy of Zombie Strippers and a bottle of lotion.

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